Hot vulcanizing is a method of repair that uses both heat and pressure to join repair materials with compromised sections of the belt. The belt must be cleaned and free of all oily, greasy substances before starting.

The hot vulcanizing method is ideal for cuts or tears, holes or breakdowns for steel cords and fabric. It can be executed in dusty environments and is suitable for all types of belts with varying widths and thickness.




  • Vulcanizing education and usage manual of machine video example:

(Full version DVDs are given with machine)

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1) Our Vulcanizing machine' pressure system has two types:

1.1) Hydraulic pressure system: Equipped with compact hydraulic cylinders:

The hydraulic pressure system works quite long-lasting and all with our own production: honed hydraulic cylinders, pistons, seals and fittings, spring pipes. Also, Our spare parts support is strong. Our hydraulic units work with a hand pump or motor hydraulic unit as desired.


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1.2) Pressure Cushion: Pressure water bag & Jacket.

It is manufactured (Pressure Relief-Water Jacket, Water Bag) is a perfect special rubber alloy which is strong and durable. Max water pressure might be 18 bar into it. All hoses have quick coupling connection types. A full otomatic water pump given with it.

2) Our Vulcanizing machine' heating plate system has two types:

2.1) For textile mesh conveyor belts: parallelogram plates angled: 16 ° 42 '.
2.2) For steel mesh conveyor belts: rectangular(right angled) plates.

3) Both types are made of:

  • Components are light and easy to carry out.
  • Special alloy hardened aluminum profiles. 
  • Stainless steel tube Heating Resistances with long lasting life.(T.S:5001 certificated accordingly)
  •  DIN: 22131 norms in cord fabric belt as prescribed 10.2 kg / cm2 pressure is required,
  • in corts steel belt 13-14 kg / cm2 pressure is required.
  • Pressure in the hydraulic pressure system is obtained by means of sleeve pumps (170 bar)
  • pressure bag system is obtained by means of water pump (10.2 to 14 bar). Adjustable pressure. Type of water is used in winter antifreezed water.


4) Temperature;

Digital, are automatically controlled by thermostats. vulcanizing time needed for the process performed after preparation vulcanized for 20-25 minutes. So this time the temperature reaches the desired temperature headers (145 ° C). After this energy will be cut and to cool the heat plate (60-65 ° C). Our production ISO: 9001-2008 /, have CE and TSE Certificates of competence, as well as every stage of the production is in accordance with these standards. (Running the machine 'Vulcanized Additional Presses Operating Instructions are described in further.)

Additional Presses type of vulcanized:
TVP 650 witdh of the belt up to 650 mm.
TVP 800 width of belt up to 800 mm.
TVP 1000 width of belt up to 1000 mm.
TVP 1200 width of belt up to 1200 mm.
TVP 1400 width of belt up to 1400 mm.
TVP 1600 width of belt up to 1600 mm.
TVP 1800 width of belt up to 1800 mm.
TVP 2000 width of belt up to 2000 mm.
TVP 2200 width of belt up to 2200 mm.
TVP 3200 width of belt up to 3200 mm.

* Our heating plate can be right angled or paralelogram which angled 16 ° 42 '. Compression systems can be hydraulic power or water cushion compression power which depends on customer's desire.
Customers may ask us to produce special measured machine for their specific works.


1) Traverse Beams

High strength, aluminum-alloy main bolt traverse are mounted. subjected to the hardening process profiles are not affected by pressure. Special design is quite durable against bending and buckling.

2) Pistons

Pistons have 63 mm dia, the inside of the lower pressure is produced honed (165 -170 bar) required power can be produced. (10.2 kg / cm² - 1020 * 10³ Pascal, depends on belt). seals and equipment at 165-170 bar staff are working smoothly for many years. Pistons our connection in parallel and flexible.

3) Heating plates

Plates are produced entirely from aluminum alloy is lightweight and flexible. 55-60 mm pitched resistances are assembled to provide a homogenous temperature distribution across the plate. Although there is no resistance fault in the table, to replace the independed resistance is very easy with new one.

There are power plugs on the table, thermocouple sockets, a bimetal thermometer slot and air cooling valve excist. Depending on weather conditions, the plates can reach 143-145 celcius degrees in 20 to 25 minutes.



4) Hand Pump or Hydraulic Power Pack

8-12 liter oil reservoir, single and double-piston one-way (single-piston one-way: the press 600-1200 mm, double-piston pump one-way: from 1400 to 2000 mm used in press). first Piston in double piston pump; fast charging, the other is used to produce high-pressure piston. We can produce 400 bar pressure pump. However, it will work in the 150-170 bar eliminates the possibility of faults. The inside of the piston, honed, polished and shaft are chromated. 2014 Model Machine at our request based on 'Hydraulic power pack with motor has started to manufacturing. You can see the image of this at below.

5) Hydraulic Hose and Central Group

400 bar pressure-resistant hoses 1 m and 2 m in length, one end of bushed other end Quick couplings, pressure gauge, it will work only 160-170 bar pressure in Tuncerler Machine products.


6) Energy Box

(CE standard: Phase-Neutral 220 Volts, Interphase 380 Volt, 50 Hz.) In automatic control, ± 1 ° C accuracy of set temperature for 20-25 minutes (143 ° C) when it reaches the fixed temperature makes it a perfect addition. (The 2015 model board our plates 143 ° C contact time role at the end of the cooking time set is activated (20-25 minutes) gives us that bit the vulcanizers playing the alarm, but also automatically turn off the energy of the system. When prompted, reset by pressing the button plate temperature and the set temperature seen continuous digital display (small rotary switch for this process should be in the middle position). Panels Our also has a leakage current thermal relay and the emergency stop button. Danger can instantly protects working elements and machine. the materials at Board ISO, CE and comply with TSA standards, the best quality materials is used. Our Board is elected by the cumulative value of the heater plate and resistance (cam switches, contactors, ammeters, metallic plugs, thermals.) is calculated based on design capacity.

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    7) Resistances

    Heating resistances (removable can be installed) They are lasting longer they are manufactured from stainless tube. They are produced in accordance with TS 5101.

    8) Bimetallic Thermometers

    Manual control is used in order to control the temperature. for accurate reading; thermocouple is inserted into the slot, the end portion of the metal wall, the pressure should be done by spring force must be no gap between them. Bimetal thermometer, in the slot, ensuring that the metal wall contact spring force, end of stay between the metal wall with air, heat value is measured incorrectly by 30-40% consists of combustion or not to cook frequently complained band. We do not use this device for this reason, we do not recommend its use.

    9) Vulcanized Splicing Press Operating Instructions:
    STEP 1: Place the lower traverse beams on to the ground.

    STEP 2: Place the lower heat plates on to the lower traverse beams.

    STEP 3: Place the belt on to the lower heat plates.

    STEP 4: Place the upper heat plates on to the belt.

    STEP 5: Place the upper traverse beams which have hydraulic pistons onto the upper heat plate.

    STEP 6: Place the head screws to the traverse beams

    STEP 7: Tie the hydraulic hoses to the upper traverse beams and motor pump by quick coupling connections.

    STEP 8: Plug in the energy sockets of the heat plates and motor pump to the control box.

    STEP 9: Set the desired cooking time value from timer relay and target temperature value from thermostat placed on the control box. (for example: 20 minutes and 145 celcius degree.)

    STEP 10: Turn on the motor pump switch to start hydraulic pressure.

    STEP 11: Turn the Pako switches to automatic mode position on the control box, to start heating of plates.

    STEP 12: Understanding the automatıc process logic of the machine:

    • After step number 11, the temperature of the plates will reach 145 ° C about half an hour and the alarm will sound up when it reachs.
    • When alarm sounds up, Energy box will start to count down from duration of cooking time till zero. From 20 minutes till 0. (zero)
      (e.g. 20 minutes, as the input value of timer relay, step 9.)
    • During the cooking time (e.g. 20 minutes), Control box keeps the plates at constant temperature about 145 celcius degree.
    • When the cooking time is up, the machine will end the operation itself automaticly.

    STEP 13: When the temprature descent to 60-65 degree of celcius, You can disassemble the machine.

    STEP 14: For a next vulcanizing operation, always push the reset buttons on the control box once, in order to take over the timer relay.

      10) Chemicals:

    Our company has the decision taken in 2014, with the following chemical machines (fee) offers. (You will need your submitted by specified.)
    1) I Kuşinga (hot) 1 Total (10 Kg)
    2) Wrong Kuşinga I (hot) 1 Total (10 Kg)
    3) solution of 21 Kg

    11) Machine Tool Box and Contents (with Machine (free) provides:

    •  Solution brush 2 pieces
    • Scissors 1 Unit
    • Wrench 1 piece
    • Single-mouthed Key (36-41) 1 Piece
    • Cutter 1 Piece
    • Tape Measure 1 Piece
    • Wire Brush 1 Piece
    • Powder Brush 1 Piece
    • Rubber Wedge 1 piece
    • Table 4 pcs, transport hook
    • Tape Stripping Knife (Don Karlos) 1 Piece
    • Tool Bag 1 Piece