1) Copper briquetting:

Sarkuysan Inc. 'in the meetings with Mr. Tolga Tolga Ediz Bey in September 2016 is the brain identified:

1.1) The first method, the copper smelting chip: Chip throw into the pot directly. But we have this method 60% of the waste sawdust and melting pot of the result of the sudden evaporation of the water in the chip we have seen significant damage from the explosion occurred.

 1.2) The second method, copper shavings melting: Copper shavings on, we have applied the method we call up letter imprisoned between copper plates, this method is fire fell to s 35% from 60%, but the melting pot in the result of the sudden evaporation of the water contained in the chips have damaged again, the explosion occurred.

1.3) The third method, copper shavings melting: Tuncerler Machinery Industry LTD. Şti'ye bought TUBITAK-backed copper billet press chip that is manufactured in 2008. Chips approximately 6 g / cm3 density were converted into pellets. With copper billet thrown in this manner fire pot it was between 0% and 3%. It disappeared completely damage to the melting pot, our company, with 50% of the energy savings achieved by early melting of billet also provide significant gains in copper shavings recycling. "

                                                       Quote: Tolga Ediz

Sarkusy the Corporation General Directorate. Assistant

         2) Aluminum briquetting

       2.1) Direct serves as a melting pot for about 25% to 30% of chips thrown from fire and explosion in the pot in the water as a result of boron containing oil creates. In addition, environmental, melting the chip containing boron oil into the environment is so toxic emissions of greenhouse gases. Environment ministry has made law to be separated from the melted butter chip containing boron and boron oil began to teams under control. Our briquette machines to parse the result of high compression force applied to the chip and board oily water transfer water to private water tank.

2.2) with normal methods about 200-250 kg of 1 ton of aluminum, aluminum waste briquette method given that this waste is reduced to 50 kg lara. In addition, the briquettes (copper or aluminum) 2 times the melting time chip melting period is 50% savings in heating energy used in the pot is fast.